Classic models

Classic models are products from which the Säle- product family originated.

Classic models are for storing utensils in the kitchen, bathroom or patio – suitable almost everywhere!

About Classic models

Cooling decorations for the dinner table

The heat conduction of the material (Aluminium) has been taken into consideration in these products.

Thanks to its material the Säle-baskets keep milk, juice and butter cold for a longer period of time.

In addition the products brighten up the place setting!

About cooling decorations for the dinner table


The tray works in several purpose of use that require a flat storage space.

The trays are great for storing small utensils in the kitchen, bathroom and patio – suitable almost everywhere!

About trays


Special models shaped from the classic models to measure up with everyday demand.

Interior baskets meant for storing function also in different purpose of use than it is meant for.

About storage products

Decorative newsrack

The decorative newsrack represents the extreme limit in what comes to designing with venetian blinds. Its manufacturing requires using long slats that often are full of holes.

In these products the recycling is seen from inside!

About decorative newsracks

Children’s products

The first children’s product is a box for straw juice.

The children’s collection is constantly growing with different products and colorful standard models.

About children’s products

Wall clocks

AND wall clocks are made out of recycled venetian blinds.

It is easy to mould the wall clock simply by shortening or decorating the slats.

The diameter of the wall clock is 84 cm which enables the customer to mould it several times!

About wall clocks


Decorations have become by-products for the Säle-baskets.

Decorations are made out of the smallest leftover slats.

About decorations

Seasonal products

Seasonal products are seasonal: the venetian blinds  mould for example into elves, angels and Christmas bells.

Every product has its own story!

About seasonal products