Anna Nygård Design

Anna Nygård Design is a business founded in January 2013. Nygård designs and makes design products out of recycled venetian blinds.

In spring 2011 Anna made her first venetian blind product (Säle-basket) where after a whole product family was created. The focus in Anna’s products lies on endurance/quality, ecologicality and timelessness. Säle-baskets are practical and timeless design products. Thanks to its material the venetian blind baskets are washable and they store cold which is a good feature especially with the baskets/decorations that are meant for milk cans and butter cartons. All Säle-baskets are handmade in Finland.

The founder of the business, Anna Nygård, graduated as an engineer in textile- and clothing technique in 2011. Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process is something that was a truism for Anna right from the start. Her responsible design products have been displayed in different housing fairs, in Habitare fairs and in different brand leading magazines.


Said about AND

Timo Ripatti, Designer, Interior designer SIO

“Anna Nygård’s design is filled with freshness, inventiveness and it has a strong ecological foundation. Anna has also shown that her ideas and products evolve all the time.”

Mirka Johansson, Graphic artist

“Anna Nygård’s brilliant innovativeness of using recycled venetian blinds is in a league of its own.  Thanks to its material the products function both in the kitchen and in the shower as well as in the living room. The constantly growing and evolving product family is simple and beautiful.”

Design from Finland -mark’s press release / Association For Finnish Work

“Not only does Anna Nygård Design’s Säle-baskets take into consideration originality and professional designing but also ecologicality. The business makes good use of recycled venetian blinds and it has created a braiding technique that gives the venetian blinds a new life as storage baskets.”