Anna Nygård Design

Anna Nygård Design designs and makes decorative products out of recycled venetian blinds: Säle-baskets and different kinds of seasonal products.

Säle-baskets unite good values

Quality = Material and precise handwork lay a foundation for high quality baskets.
Resistance = Säle-baskets are washable.
Ecologicality = All Säle-baskets are made out of recycled venetian blinds.
Ethicality = Säle-baskets are designed and produced in Kokkola, Finland.
Timelessness = The appearance and color of Säle-baskets are timeless.
Tradition = Säle-baskets commemorate the tradition of braiding shingle baskets.
Practicality = Säle-baskets are suitable for all spaces. Säle-baskets store cold which is an advantage especially for those products that are meant for keeping different foods cold on the dinner table.

Handicrafts = All baskets are handmade using only a pair of orange colored scissor as help.